Win bigger prizes by taking advantage of casino bonuses!

Playing various casino games is already fun in itself, especially if there’s a huge reward waiting for the player at the end. However, that experience can be improved by playing at online casinos. Aside from letting you play your favourite titles at the comfort of your home, they also provide a wide selection of exclusive bonuses that give players something to look forward to.

Depending on the site you’re using, there are plenty of casino perks you can encounter. Not only can these make playing more enjoyable, but they als increase your chances of increasing profits.]

Are you curious to know more? Here’s everything you need to know about casino bonuses and how to maximise them:

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Online casino bonuses 101

Online casino bonuses are granted to players for free by the casino. They help enhance the regular gameplay experience by giving them more chances of winning based on the value of the player’s deposit or depending on the terms and conditions set by the site.

These features are a great addition to casino games because aside from helping the players win big, they also enable playing without using real money.

Here are some of the types of bonuses always present in online casinos: 

Welcome bonus
Also known as sign up bonuses, this type of casino bonus is granted to the player once they sign up on the website. This helps encourage the new player to start playing the games available on their site and hopefully deposit more credits in the future.

Usually, this serves as a teaser of what the players can expect once they continue to deposit and play the different games provided by the site. The great thing about welcome bonuses is that they come in different forms.

Some of the most common types of welcome bonuses include:

  • Free spins
  • Free credits
  • Free play
  • High roller bonuses
  • High discounts.
Deposit bonuses
As the name suggests, deposit bonuses are given to the players once they deposit into their accounts. These are freebies that benefit players by helping them maximise their winnings by giving free credits.

Free credits are given to the players on the house by the online casino. This way, players will have extra funds they can use to play more games on top of their initial deposit. However, the number of free credits that will be added to the player’s account will depend on how much their first deposit is.

The general idea is that the bigger the initial deposit, the higher the bonus percentage will be. It can vary per online casino but one thing that’s commonly shared by all establishments is that the bonus will be capped at a certain amount.

Free spins
The free spins bonus is one of the most coveted bonuses in every online casino. This is because it allows players to spin the reels without wagering any amount which means that there’s no risk involved. The best part is that they get to keep whichever winnings they get from that free spin which they can either withdraw or wager on other games.

Free spins also help minimise the player’s losses because they won’t have to take money out of their pockets to power that spin. It’s on the house and win or lose, there’s no danger for the player.

This bonus comes in groups. For example, sometimes the players will be granted 10 free spins while other times they’ll only be granted with 5 and so on. Regardless of the amount, this bonus feature is a useful tool that can help maximise winnings.

Happy hour
Happy hours are commonly seen in local bars and pubs, usually in the evening, where there is a promo that lets customers get two drinks for the price of one. In terms of online casinos, this perk happens during a specific timeframe there will be an exclusive bonus that may vary from different sites.

However in the case of online casinos, instead of buying two for the price of one, players will be treated to bonuses such as deposit bonuses and free spins. This way, the player’s chances of winning are increased and the prizes are magnified too.

Another difference between a regular happy hour to its casino variation is that instead of spanning an hour-long, this bonus usually lasts for several hours.

Cashback bonus
Cashback is something not exclusive to casinos as you’ll often see this in various shops at the mall or even online. How this bonus works in terms of casinos is that it acts as a cushion when a player encounters a losing spin. Their losses won’t be that bad because they will be minimised by the cashback feature.

This means that when they lose, a certain percentage will be given back to them. Keep in mind that the percentage that this feature grants the players will depend on the initial bet that they wagered. However, some casinos offer a fixed percentage for this incentive.

Just like the happy hour casino bonus, cashback bonuses are also limited to a certain time frame only. This usually lasts for a couple of hours and after it passes, the players won’t receive a percentage of their initial bet when they lose again.

Reload bonus
Reload bonuses act the same way as deposit bonuses. However, instead of being specifically for newcomers, it acts as a thank you from the casino because the player reloaded into their account. This bonus will match the player’s deposit to a capped amount and will depend on the amount deposited.

The Reload bonus can either be done by the casino regularly or during specific occasions only. However, the most common way that players can qualify for this is when they are included in the loyalty program of that specific online casino.

In loyalty programs, players can progress through different levels and how the reload bonus works is that the higher their level is the bigger the reload bonus will be.

Free play bonus
With this casino bonus, players will be granted bonus funds which they can use to play some of their games. However, this isn’t permanent as it only lasts for a specific amount of time. Microgaming, one of the most famous game providers in the casino industry, is known to provide players with a free play bonus.
Referral bonus
To encourage more people to sign up for their online casino, they provide players with referral bonuses. This perk only applies to those players who have already signed up to the online casino’s website. To qualify for the referral bonus, existing users won’t just have to invite other players to register but they should also play and wager on casino games.

The best part about this is that if the person you invited keeps on playing and wagering on the online casino, you’ll still receive a certain amount of credits to your account. This can also act as a steady source of income if they keep playing for a long time.

The amount that you’ll receive every time your friend makes a deposit will solely depend on the number of their winnings. The more they win, the higher the number of credits will be deposited into your account.

Loyalty club
A loyalty club is a great way to reward players for their loyalty to the online casino. At the same time, it also gives them a reason to keep playing aside from the prizes and games themselves.

Several online casinos offer loyalty clubs and players don’t have to do anything but keep playing to qualify. Through this reward system, players won’t get bored of the same rewards because as their loyalty progresses, the rewards that they’ll be granted will improve.

Depending on the online casino, the loyalty club can grant the player the following rewards:

Free credits

Free credits are usually given to the players when they reach a certain level in a loyalty program. These are non-withdrawable but they can be used to wager on different casino games on the website and all the winnings generated by these credits are all yours.

Invitations to join special events and tournaments

Sometimes, online casinos hold special events and tournaments that are exclusive to loyalty members who are at a certain level. These are usually tournaments for slots or table games that have massive prize money for the winners and the event itself is held for a limited time.

Coupon codes

Coupon codes work exactly how you think they would. They are exclusive codes that provide players with different kinds of rewards with some of the most common ones being free spins, free cash and discounts.

Birthday bonuses

One of the perks of being included in a VIP program is that when your birthday comes and you’re a member, you’ll be rewarded with different kinds of bonuses. In this feature, if you’ve reached a significant milestone during your membership you can get different perks such as free spins, free money and deposit matching bonuses.

Another bonus that fits this category is the anniversary bonus. It works the same as its birthday counterpart but the difference is that the player is rewarded during the anniversary of when they first signed up on the online casino’s website.

Vacation packages

One of the most valuable rewards that online casinos grant their most loyal players is the vacation package bonus. From the name itself, this grants users an all-expense-paid trip to a specific country or destination.
This premium bonus is usually rewarded to players who rank high on the loyalty progression system. It may also depend on the casino on how they’ll choose the winners for this prize. Sometimes it’s chosen randomly while other times a tournament is held to determine a clear winner.

Non-cash gifts

You’d be surprised to find out that other than money and features that can help players win more, online casinos also give away non-cash gifts. A great example of this is the aforementioned vacation packages but aside from that, here are some of the most memorable non-cash gifts given away by online casinos:

  • BBQ Grill
  • Backyard furniture
  • Trip to the Maldives
  • Mini Cooper
  • Cuban cigars
  • Louis Vuitton purse
  • Porsche sports car.

Advantages of casino bonuses

Casino bonuses offer tons of advantages for online casino players because they offer a lot of benefits as well as help increase their chances of winning and taking home bigger prizes. To help you understand better, here are some of the advantages that casino bonuses provide players:

It gives new players a head start
The last thing that beginners need when entering the world of online casinos is a confusing and overwhelming start. One of the best ways to get new players to get the hang of casino games is by rewarding them. This is where casino bonuses come in.

Casino bonuses such as deposit and welcome bonuses are important because they give newbies a head start. This serves as a little nudge to help get the players to get into their groove so that they’ll continue to play on the site.

It protects your winnings
One of the best things that casino bonuses do for players is that they protect their winnings. This is because there’s no risk behind using them as they’re provided on the house by the online casino itself.

A great example of this is the free spins bonus feature. It lets players spin the reels without having to wager any amount of money from their pockets which is why regardless of the outcome, there’s no scenario where the player will lose. Additionally, perks such as casino bonuses such as daily cashbacks will help lessen the damage when you lose.

Players earn rewards the more they play
Playing casino games is rewarding enough because of the prizes that are in store for the players. However, with casino bonuses, their winnings will be multiplied the more they play through loyalty programs.

Various online casinos are equipped with loyalty programs. This is where players can progress through different levels and the higher their level is, the more rewards they’ll be eligible to get. Some bonuses that are rewarded to players included in loyalty programs include free spins, multipliers and free credits.

These bonuses can be considered as rewards for players for their loyalty and the casino’s way of saying thank you.

It gives a sense of progression
A stagnant gameplay experience can take the enjoyment out of playing online casino games. Thanks to the loyalty program that players can take part in when they play enough games and wager regularly, they’ll be given a sense of progression. This way, they’ll be inspired to keep playing until they reach the highest level where the best rewards are in store.
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Casino bonuses terms and conditions

Naturally, these valuable bonuses come with their share of terms and conditions. This is to ensure that everything goes accordingly and no form of manipulation can be done by any player of the online casino. Here are some of the most usual ones that you’ll encounter:

Wagering requirements
Almost every online casino has wagering requirements in their casino bonus terms and conditions. This means that before the player can withdraw the bonus amount provided by the casino, they would first have to wager a specific amount of cash from their pockets. The requirements may vary between different casinos but to give you a better idea, here’s an example:

When the player encounters a 20x wagering requirement, this means that they have to deposit and wager their money 20 times before they can withdraw their winnings.

However, some select online casinos offer no wagering requirements. These are considered a gold mine and you should immediately grab this opportunity when you encounter it.

Time limits
What most people commonly overlook is that some bonuses have a certain time limit. This means that bonuses such as free spins or credits will be deemed useless once the player fails to use them within the given timeframe.

Usually, these bonuses last for about an hour or they have a specific time within the day when they’ll be activated. So before using a casino perk, make sure you check the time agreement set by the casino to make sure you make the most out of it.

Withdrawal limits
Another thing that users don’t realize is that some online casinos have withdrawal limits. When the player exceeds the withdrawal limit, their winnings will be slashed. Unfortunately, players won’t notice this until it happens to them.

Start using these bonuses today!

Now that you’ve learned everything you need to know about online casino bonuses, it’s time for you to put knowledge into action! Make your gambling experience more fun and rewarding by taking advantage of the bonuses offered by your favourite online casino. It won’t take long before you start winning more and taking home bigger prizes!