Level up your winning experience with jackpot casino games!

Slots have been a staple in land-based casinos long before iGaming dominated the industry. You can even find exclusive progressive slots in brick and mortar casinos with massive rewards waiting for the next big winner! However, online casinos took this gaming format to the next level by incorporating the same mechanics on a larger scale.

With the continuous development of the digital sphere, you’re given more opportunities to win hundreds of thousands of jackpot rewards in just a few clicks. Get to know more about jackpot casino games and progressive slots that you can play on various online casinos as you read further!

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What you need to know about jackpot casino games

To make the gameplay for video slots a tad more interesting, different gameplay mechanics are applied by various providers to entice players. One of these is jackpot casino games that utilise large prize pools to spice up the casino gaming experience. 

In contrast to regular slots, payouts are incredibly bigger in either fixed or progressive slots. Below are the different types of jackpot slots and other terms to give you a better idea about it:

Regular slots vs fixed jackpots
Some casino slots base the payouts on regular paying symbols as well as the bonus games and features you can trigger using special symbols. For games with a fixed jackpot, a pool of rewards is rewarded to the player who wins the jackpot combination.

The payout on these video slots varies depending on the rules and mechanics of the game. However, the jackpot amount remains the same unless the provider itself changes the casino slot’s payouts.

Fundamentally, jackpot slots are not that different from regular casino slots. These kinds of games still apply the same gameplay wherein you have to spin the reels to land winning combinations and reap the payouts. These slots can also have immersive themes or classic designs. It all depends on how the provider creates the game.

Fixed jackpots vs progressive jackpots
Both progressives and fixed jackpots offer massive rewards when you land a winning combination on an active payline. However, progressive slots offer larger payouts because it increases the jackpot over time.

Progressive slots start with the predetermined jackpot. As long as it is not yet won, the amount increases based on an algorithm set by the provider. Once a player finally wins it, the jackpot is replenished to its base amount.

On the other hand, fixed jackpots offer minor and major rewards that do not change unless the game is revamped by the developer.

The Jackpot Metre
For jackpot slots, you’ll often see metres that show how much you’ll gain once you hit the right jackpot combination. Its design depends on the slot game’s theme but you’ll easily spot it on the screen as you spin the reels.

The jackpot metre is updated in real-time and is filled up with every non-winning wager. Every wager you make, as well as bets from other people playing the same progressive game, are automatically recorded in the game.

The different types of progressive jackpot slots

Progressive jackpots vary depending on the game mechanics or the developer’s goal. It’s usually categorised by gameplay and how the casinos and developers provide the jackpot wins to their players. 

Here are some of the most common types of progressive jackpot slots that can help you maximise your wins:

Standalone progressives
Some online slots are made with progressive jackpots in mind wherein payouts increase over time. However, for standalone progressives, the collected prize pool is based only on the wagers placed on a specific online casino that features that game.

This means that even if the online slot is available on other platforms, the prize pool is exclusive to the online casino and its terms. Moreover, an online casino may offer a different jackpot compared to another platform with the same game.

Network progressives
For more chances of reaping large rewards, network progressive slots are ideal for you. These casino slots have access to a larger prize pool collected from various platforms with the same game.

With network progressive casino slots, the jackpot is collected by the provider instead of an online casino. This means that the prize pool grows faster with every non-winning wager across different platforms that feature the game.

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How to qualify for progressive jackpot casino games?

You don’t have to deal with complicated requirements to qualify for progressive jackpot slot games. The massive prize pools of these casino slots are yours for the taking as long as you have an account in the platform of your choice. 

How do you sign up? Simply follow these general tips to make your onboarding process in online casinos easier:

  1. Click the login or signup button

Log into your chosen online casino. If you don’t have an account yet, you can register for one. Just find the sign-up button and you’ll be redirected to a page where you have to fill up the necessary information. Don’t worry, your data is protected by the platform and will not be shared with third-party networks without your consent. 

  1. Top up your balance and start playing

Once you’ve signed up, make sure to top up your balance via the payment methods supported by the online casino. Whether it’s with fiat currency or digital assets, follow the steps provided for in the website or on the terms and conditions page for a seamless and efficient experience.

Play jackpot progressive slots to win cash rewards!

Maximise your winnings by playing the most popular progressive video slots in online casinos. You’d be surprised that your favourite casino games are here. Don’t know where to start? Here are a few jackpot games that are both entertaining and worth your wagers:

Power of Gods Hades Hold the Jackpot by Wazdan
The control of the Greek gods are waning and Hades holds all the treasures of Mount Olympus. It’s up for you to help restore the balance to the world in casino slot Power of Gods Hades Hold the Jackpot.

Developed by Wazdan, the casino slot features different kinds of mythological symbols that represent ancient Greece and the gods that govern them. You can win gigantic prizes worth more than drachmas with every winning spin.

Refer to the table below to know more about Wazdan’s Greko inspired video slot:

RTP – 96.14%
Paylines – 243
Bonus Features – Wilds, Multi-Level Wins, Bonus Symbols, Sticky Bonuses, Hold the Jackpot Bonus,
Fixed Jackpot – 5,000x your stake

Joker Max by Kalamba Games
Rewards are bigger and better at casino slot Joker Max! The game was developed by iGaming newcomer Kalamba Games to provide casino players with an entertaining video slot overflowing with payouts.

You will have the chance to hit different jackpot rewards including Bronze, Silver and Gold. However, the most coveted prize is its progressive platinum jackpot that you can win when you hit it big during the Bonus Cashpots round.

Massive payouts are yours for the taking once you enter casino slot Joker Max. The details below can help fuel your chances of winning big as you spin the reels:

RTP – 97.42%
Paylines – 40
Bonus Features – Multiplier Wild, Free Spins Bonus, Hyperbet Selector, Bonus Cashpots
Progressive Jackpot Seed Value – 250,000 credits

Mount Magmas Jackpot by Push Gaming
Feel the rewards heat your video slot experience with Push Gaming’s casino slot Mount Magmas! Your bankroll will fill up to the brim with steaming hot rewards from winning combinations and bonus features that you’ll only get in this casino slot.

Aside from the progressive jackpots, you can also maximise your wins through high paying symbols and wilds that can reward you with thousands of real-money prizes. What are you waiting for? Ready your wagers and learn the details of the game below to start spinning the reels and landing winning combinations at the maximum wager:

RTP – 96.50%
Paylines – 20
Bonus Features – Wilds, Magma Rock, Volcano Bonus Feature, Daily Jackpot, Mega Jackpot
Progressive Jackpot Seed Value – €1,500

Hot & Spicy Jackpot by Onlyplay
Classic slots will never go out of style. That’s the experience you’ll get once you start playing casino slot Hot & Spicy Jackpot developed by Onlyplay.

Get the chance to see beloved vintage symbols of fruity proportions as you spin the reels. The jackpot is yours for the taking if you land the lucky wild 7 along with the triple pepper multiplier on the bonus reel.

Make your Hot & Spicy Jackpot experience all the more worthwhile with the game details below:

RTP – 96.05%
Paylines – 20
Bonus Features – Wilds, Scatters, Jackpots
Fixed Jackpot – 10,000x your bet

Legend of the Nile by Betsoft
Let casino slot Legend of the Nile transport you to Egypt’s most treasured river. In its waters lie immeasurable amounts of treasures that are up for grabs when you spin the reels and land winning combinations.

Developed by Betsoft, this Egyptian-themed video slot can reward you with a jackpot that increases as you spin the reels. Find out more about the game with the details provided in the table below:

RTP – 95.63%
Paylines – Cluster Pay
Bonus Features – Exploding Wins, Anubis & Isis Free Spins, Ra Free Spins, Jackpot
Fixed Jackpot – 112,270 coins

15 Dragon Pearls: Hold and Win by Booongo
Centuries past, the great dragons of the orient hid enormous amounts of treasures hidden from the world. You can have the chance to win these hidden gold coins and jewels by spinning the reels of casino slot 15 Dragon Pears: Hold and Win.

The casino slot is filled with bonuses and rewards that can entice you to keep on playing for more chances of landing winning combinations. Moreover, the simplistic reels complement the highly detailed symbols featured on the slot grid.

Find out more about the video slot with the details provided below:

RTP – 95.71%
Paylines – 25
Bonus Features – Wilds, Scatters, Bonus Game, Free Spins
Fixed Jackpot – 5,000x your stake

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Tips to maximise your wins in jackpot casino games

Without a doubt, one of the many reasons to play progressive slots is the increasing jackpot. That alone can entice you to spin the reels for hours in the hopes of hitting it big on your chosen video slot. 

It’s not enough to let lady luck dictate your chances of winning. Although there’s no ultimate answer in winning slot games, you can still improve your odds of hitting it big with these casino tips:

Always check the money pot
The main draw of progressive slots is the increasing jackpot. Every player’s wager contributes to the money pot. This gives you leverage in playing, especially if the game has yet to award the massive jackpot.

Before you play, check the total amount in the money pot. The seed value is often displayed in the information section of the game’s setting. If the current pot is higher than the seed value, this means that no one has claimed the humongous prize yet.

Avoid the games where players have recently won the jackpot. This is because the money pot resets to the seed value whenever someone wins and you won’t be able to fully maximise your chances.

Check the Return to Player (RTP) rate before playing
Jackpot slots have bigger rewards to give players. To recuperate, online casinos implement bigger house edges on these rewards. Knowing the RTP can help you understand what you’ll stand to gain and the amount of money that you might lose with every bet.

Opt for games with higher RTP because these games will provide you with better deals on your payouts. Browse through the provider as well as the online casino’s terms and conditions to know more about the rules of playing.

Research how often the game pays the jackpot
Your odds of winning are set at random but knowing how often the game pays the jackpot can help you decipher whether the video slot is worth your time. Some progressive slots are stringent with rewards. Knowing if you have a bigger chance of winning can help narrow down your decision.

Moreover, you need to do a background check on your preferred casino platform and the titles they feature. This will help you avoid casino scams that will make a run for your money and future rewards.

Play the demo version first
The demo feature of online casinos allows you to shop around if you’re still undecided about what game to play. It’s vital to check the free play version first before you play with real money to know whether you like the game’s payouts and entertainment value.

This way, you won’t waste time, effort and money on progressive slots that don’t spark joy. You can move on and check other games that would fit your preferences.

Place a cap on your bankroll to practice responsible gaming
It’s fun to play your favourite casino games for hours on end. The sheer thrill of seeing the reels spin and reveal winning combinations can fuel your desire to reap massive payouts. However, your bankroll isn’t going to sustain your playing forever.

Placing a cap on your bankroll gives you more control over your balance. Nonstop wagering can deplete your balance and leave you with less money than you had before playing. Become a responsible casino player and determine your loss limit so you won’t overspend.

Wager at the maximum bet allowed
You can still reap decent payouts even if you don’t wager the maximum amount. However, if you’re playing to win big, wagering at the maximum bet can help your chances. You can only win the biggest payouts a video slot can provide if you’re wagering at the maximum.

Moreover, you get the best odds at winning the jackpot of progressive games if you’re spinning the reels at a higher bet amount. Check the paytable before playing so you’ll know what you can gain when playing.

Jackpot casino games: Frequently asked questions

One of the best ways to play progressive slots to the fullest is by learning the inner workings of the format’s mechanics. Refer to the frequently asked questions listed below to understand jackpot casino games better:

How often do players win in progressive jackpots?
Any video slots, even regular casino games, operate on a random number generating algorithm. This maintains the unpredictability of the games that can keep players on their toes.

You won’t be able to predict when the jackpot hits. However, small progressives may hit a lot more often compared to larger jackpots. Major progressive payouts can take months before a lucky player hits the winning combination.

Which jackpot slot has the biggest payouts?
The payouts of any progressives depend on the provider as well as the online casino platform. Newer developers and smaller casinos support titles with smaller jackpots. If you want to play games with humongous payouts, visit popular casino platforms that feature the industry’s top providers like Play’n GO, Evolution and Betsoft.

Currently, Mega Moolah by Microgaming holds the title for the biggest jackpot. The seed value is at around €1 million with lucky players winning massive rewards from its prize pool.

Can you withdraw the full amount once you hit the jackpot?
Your withdrawal limit depends on the casino platform you are playing at. Most casinos have daily, weekly or monthly limits on what a player can withdraw. Moreover, some payment providers also restrict the amount a player can take out from their accounts.

Although kind of a hassle, this helps protect your money from malicious hackers since your money is encrypted properly. Opting for bank transfers also allows you to get the most money per request.