Casino sports betting: Wager on your favourite teams now!

Aside from casino games, one of the most popular gambling categories is sports betting. In the past, wagering on horse races was the most common kind of sports betting but it later extended to football, boxing, cricket, and many more. Now, online casinos are widening their horizons with online sports betting where you can use the convenience of your own devices to start wagering on your favourite team! 

Casino sports betting offers so much excitement and opportunity for sports fans, regardless of what sports they follow. It is a highly anticipated form of gambling where you can reap huge rewards while enjoying your favourite sports event. Know more about it as you read further!

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Casino sports betting 101

Sports betting is not a new concept. People have been betting on different sports teams, players and even certain occurrences to rack up a lot of winnings way back in the late 18th century. Today, you can take part in sports betting through different online casino platforms!

Basically, sports betting is where one can bet on the outcomes of the games that have not transpired yet. This makes sports more exciting as, much like casino games, the results in these events can be quite random. 

After betting on a certain team or player to win the game or score a certain amount of points, the outcome of the games will ultimately unfold and you can win a certain amount of money depending on the conditions of a sports betting site. 

There are a lot of sporting events for you to choose from and wager on. Casual punters in the sports betting scene tend to wager on the sports that they enjoy the most. However, professional sports bettors don’t just pick the sports they like because every single one is an opportunity for them to win a lot of money. 

To enjoy a whole new gambling experience, you will need to place a wager on online casino platforms that feature a sportsbook or bookmaker complete with different sporting events to bet on, betting on to base your wagers from, and so much more.

What are bookmakers?
In the traditional sense, bookmakers are those who facilitate different sports betting events by setting the odds depending on the conditions of the individual teams and players involved. In online gambling, casino sports betting sites act as bookmakers which, on a larger scale, are called sportsbooks.

Some sports have trends and teams that are better than others, therefore, bookmakers will adjust the odds. This is to avoid flooding wagers for one single team or player that are extremely good and thus, have higher chances of winning.

For instance, a sportsbook for the NBA will adjust the odds of the teams that are projected to be great in the coming season. These are in regards to the signings, injuries and star players that boost their chances of winning games.

In summary, bookmakers ensure the playing field is fair and enjoyable, giving way to a great casino sports betting experience for everyone.

Different sports you can bet on

There’s no shortage of sports to wager on when it comes to casino sports betting. Here are some of the sports you can choose from:

Basketball tournaments are one of the most popular sporting events you can wager on in the sports betting scene. Today, basketball has been dominating the sports industry with over 4 leagues that gained traction in recent years namely:

NBA or the National Basketball Association
NCAA or the National Collegiate Athletic Association
United League

Soccer is another sport that people bet on the most to get their money’s worth. This sport has seen so much support from its fans and it is evident in the sports betting scene. It makes for a much more competitive and interesting casino sports betting event as the outcomes unfold and a lot of people talk about it on different online platforms.

Here are the different soccer leagues that have taken many parts of the world by storm:

Premier League
La Liga
Primera B. Nacional

Tennis is a rapidly growing sport across the world in recent years. Different international players have gained so much traction in terms of social media exposure and TV networks. With this, casino sports betting sites take advantage of its sheer popularity by including it in their sportsbook.

Betting on individual players or a pair in doubles tournaments can give you the chance to win high payouts if you happen to bet on the player who will win the gruelling matches. Players compete in men and women tennis opens that are categorized into four tournaments:

US Open
Australian Open
French Open

Baseball has always been regarded as an American sport. But in recent years, other parts of the world have recognised the entertainment factor of baseball. The surge of popularity this sport is enjoying stems from East Asian countries such as Japan and South Korea.

As much as people would want to think that baseball is a difficult sport to play and understand, it’s actually quite simple once you get the hang of it. This gives sports bettors across the world the opportunity to enjoy exciting baseball games by placing their wagers on their favourite teams.
As far as baseball is concerned, the casino sports betting experience makes for a compelling event as either the favourites or the underdogs make it to the top after the season wanes.

The odds for baseball games are repeatedly changed depending on how the season fairs. This is the same for other sporting events wherein the odds change in favour of the strongest teams or players in a particular season.

Cricket may not be everyone’s favourite when considering the mainstream sports in the world. However, it is a game that’s so famous and loved in certain countries such as the United Kingdom, India, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

In fact, it is the second most popular sport in the world after soccer or football. With this, the casino sports betting industry capitalised on cricket, making the games much more enjoyable and highly anticipated.

Try watching cricket and you’ll be surprised at how incredible the sport is. It is a huge opportunity for you to multiply your wagers since different cricket leagues are popping up in the sports scene. Moreover, it has a huge and dedicated fan base who also take part in the excitement of sports betting.

Here are the different leagues you can enjoy if you want to try cricket sports betting:

T10 League
Big Bash League
Syed Mushtaq Ali Trophy
Momentum One Day Cup

While conventional sports started as the main sports betting attraction for most casinos, esports is rapidly taking the limelight as we go further into the digital age. People seldom forget that esports exist wherein different competitions for video game players take place.

Due to the increase in popularity of video games, pro gamers are given a platform to battle against each other individually or as teams to find out who is the best one in a particular game. Of course, since this sporting event originated in the digital place, most tournaments happen online.

This breeds so much opportunity and competition in the casino sports betting industry. Bettors who are into video games can now wager their money on different teams and players to add extra excitement during the action-packed gameplay.

Here are the different video games covered by most esports betting sites:

Dota 2 – Regarded as one of the most complex multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games in the market today, Dota 2 is extremely popular among players and bettors. Developed by Valve, it gained early bird’s rights to being one of the most well-known and most played video games in the mid to late 2000s.

League of Legends – Coming second to Dota 2 in the MOBA market, League of Legends’ graphics and gameplay offer something different for those who are interested in a more streamlined gameplay without compromising the essence of what makes MOBA really special.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) – Counter-strike is one of the most competitive first-person shooting games of all time, all thanks to regular updates such as balancing patches and content additions. CS: GO is the fourth game of the series that pits two teams, the terrorists and the counter-terrorists, against each other.

StarCraft – One of the very first MOBA to ever exist is Starcraft, a real-time strategy game from Blizzard Entertainment. Its space-themed layout and characters are what makes this particular game so special, setting it apart from competitors like Dota 2 and League of Legends’ fantasy-themed gameplay.

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Types of bets 

So, you’re ready to try your luck in casino sports betting. Equip yourself with knowledge of common terms and concepts to make an informed wager. Here are the different types of bets you might encounter when betting on different sports:

Parlay bets
Parlay bets are a group of two or more wagers that are linked together. Moreover, you win the parlay if all of the wagers you made win. That means to say, you can lose the entire wager if even just one bet loses.
In-play is a type of wager wherein you are betting on the team just as the game starts. Anytime before the tip-off or the beginning punts of a game would disqualify an in-play bet.
Straight bets
A straight bet is a single outcome bet that people wager on. This means you bet on a single sporting event that carries a point spread, a total or a money line.
Total line bets
A total line bet is often called an over or under bet because the score of the game doesn’t necessarily need to be the exact total points of a team or player. Instead, the score can go over and under the total which explains the name.
Next 24 hours bets
This bet will quickly provide you with the outcome of your bet after 24 hours since you wagered on a particular sport. Teams and players will then be competing in their respective sports and the time, scores and odds on who’s favoured will be the factors visible for each bettor to see and check.
Outright bet
An outright bet is the wager on the total result of the tournament and not just in a particular game or match. This can be placed before or after a certain tournament begins.
Future bet
A future bet is when bettors wager on outcomes that occur in an upcoming game or match from a league of a sport.

Different odds of sports betting 

There are different odds for a variety of games, and you’ll quickly learn that each sport has unique odds that come in different formats like the decimal, fraction, Malay, Indonesian and Moneyline odds. Here is an in-depth look at the different odds in the general scheme of casino sports betting:

Decimal odds are one of the most common odds you can find in casino sports betting sites. It shows the amount you have the chance of winning for every $1 you bet.
Fraction odds are one of the oldest betting odds in sports betting and are mostly implemented in horse racing. These odds are ratioed from the sum won to the amount of money wagered.
Moneyline odds are also called American odds and are presented in positive and negative signs for the numbers. A team that is favoured to win will be in a negative sign while the underdogs are presented in a positive sign.

Different payment methods on online sportsbooks

Here are the different payment methods for most online sportsbooks in casino sports betting sites:

Fiat currency
Sports betting sites still accept fiat currencies. If you’re wagering on an international casino sports betting site, all you need to do is exchange your local currency for the appropriate one.
As cryptocurrencies hold the potential in becoming the mainstream currency in the future, sports betting sites are adapting to blockchain technology to allow punters to make bets using crypto coins.
E-wallet stores your money on a third-party software where you can exchange and pay for different products and services. This feature can also be used for casino sports betting sites.
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Betting tips for casino sports betting sites 

Are you excited about betting in one casino sports betting site to maximise your wagers? Here are a few tips for you to try out:

Ensure that you know who the underdogs and favourites are
In sports, there is always a team or player that nobody expects to win. This team is considered the underdog while the heavily favoured team or player to win is the favourite. Evaluating the game will put you in the position of picking the right team or player that will give you a higher chance of winning the sports bet.
Learning spreads
Spreads are a great way to bet on either the favourites or the underdogs. Spread betting is a type of wager depending on the margin of victory.

For instance, in a spread bet situation, you’ll have to bet on a team to win by 8 points or more. The spread will be the margin of victory where if the outcome transpires will have the bettor win the sports bet.

Know how much to bet
Knowing how much to bet is integral in ensuring that you won’t be losing too much money in case a loss occurs. This means that proper knowledge about the game will be important as each team will have its strengths and weaknesses to take advantage of. If the league is somehow balanced and has a sense of parity, then it’s best to be vigilant.
Shop for the best odds
The most common strategy to use in casino sports betting is looking at the odds properly. Expecting something unrealistic to a point of risking so much money is not a good strategy, and the odds of each game is what you should look for to level the playing field.

The odds will tell you exactly if you should go for the bet or not. Usually, the middle pack is the safest bet you can make, but it still depends on your knowledge of the game and the condition of each league that will dictate your success.

Wager on your favourite team now on the top casino sports betting sites!

Go on and try out the best casino betting sites you can find online. Enjoy watching your favourite sports and teams more once you place wagers! Now that you know the basic concepts and a few tips in sports betting, it’s now time to wisely bet on different sports leagues and reap amazing rewards. The thrill is on as each minute of the game becomes a nail biter as the stakes become high!